Geschichte Y-40

365 days a year of areas dedicated to training for free-divers and scuba divers. The immensity of a movie set and areas for photographic services, a safe environment for exercises at professionals levels to live many varied experiences of the deep water.  

At the Hotel Terme Millepini, the world’s deepest swimming pool with thermal water, aimed at becoming a global reference  for underwater activities. The opening was the 5th of June 2014. Umberto Pelizzari the world record freediver measured the deepth and Enzo Maiorca opened the pool to people.Y-40 is designed and build by architect Emanuele Boaretto, with the support of “Boaretto Group Hotel & Resort”. you can find the new Y-40 swimming pool in the park of the Hotel Terme Millepini, a four-star hotel with thermal swimming pools and spa, wellness centre and thermal treatments. The hotel is also known for its famous restaurant and the striking environment of the Europe Hall where great cultural and entertainment events and weddings are held. In this pleasant context you will find the water activities of Y-40. 


Y-40: surface area of 21x18m, maximum depth is 40m with various intermediary depths and caves for technical activities. The swimming pool contains 4300mc of thermal water kept at a temperature of between 32-34°C so you can swim and dive in just your normal swimming costume rather than having to wear a wetsuit. 


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